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Time does not stand still, and along with it, technologies and ways of interaction between people change. We have prepared not only a worthy replacement for standard business cards, but also changed the very approach to the exchange of contact information.

  • Online banking
    Live Data
    Data always available to see anywhere around the world
  • Up to 20.000$ limit
    Best Quality
    Premium quality Meterial
  • Protection and security
    Protection and security
    Protected and secured data in our servers
  • Bonus system
    Economical Price
    We are offering our customers, nfc card with best price
  • Mobile application
    Mobile Friendly
    Mobile friendly design
  • Professional support
    Professional support
    We are always happy to help you
  • Small payments fees
    Unique Design
    Spectacular design
  • Additional currencies
    Login System
    Login system for users to verify and update data

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Card Features

Previously, you needed to make hundreds of paper business cards in a printing house, which took up space in your wallet, and after use they were usually thrown away. The time of paper has passed and now your wallet can contain only one or several business cards for all occasions

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Phones
  • Emails
  • Work & Title
  • Address
  • Website
  • Social Media

Choose card
considering your personal needs

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